All About Capiz Shell Chandelier

In this article, you will be given information you need to know regarding a capiz shell chandelier. Well, surely, you are aware that it is made of the shell of a marine bivalve named capiz shell. You will be able to figure out more about it after you have read this article until the end. Now, are you ready to learn out everything about this piece of an item called capiz shell chandelier?

Several options for you

Well, this may sound unorthodox, but we will start by showing you several options you may find interesting. As you know, this kind of chandelier is extremely popular due to the fact that it looks very beautiful. Also, it is very artistic and most people would find putting one in their house an interesting way to decorate your house. Below you can find some of the items available on the market that you can purchase.

All About Capiz Shell Chandelier

Glow Lighting’s 18” Capiz Shell Square Pendant Chandelier

Cityscape Glow Capiz Shell By

The first lovely chandelier which uses capiz shells as the main materials to construct it would be the one manufactured by Glow Lighting. Although delicate, these shells are very lovely and they make an absolutely fine chandelier and you definitely would love to have one in your house.

When looking at the square-shaped chandelier, you will have an impression that it has a contemporary design, which is true. Arguably, with its contemporary design, it will be an excellent addition for your dining room when it is put at the main lighting of the room- it also works when it is put at the master bedroom, though!

Moti’s Pendant Chandelier

Moti’s Pendant 5 Light Chandelier by Pinterest

If you are an interior designer, then, you would definitely value the importance of having decent lighting in every room of a house highly. Fortunately, Moti realizes that and the manufacturer decides to manufacture this capiz shell chandelier. Definitely, it will attract any attention into the room where it is stationed and it makes the room look better with the illumination it provides.

Everyone, including you, would love this chandelier- especially after you figured out that it is made of the best-looking capiz shells the manufacturer can find. Additionally, its natural solid wood frame will provide a charming natural look which fits almost every kind of house. Well, this chandelier utilizes a remarkable contemporary style that works best when it is put in a house’s main room.

LNC’s 3-Light Mini Capiz Shell Chandelier

LNC 3 Light Pendant Capiz Shell Chandeliers by

This chandelier is actually significantly smaller than the previous products mentioned earlier since its width is only 5.1 inches. However, that does not make it less charming since this beautiful item is made with the most artistic detail and it is by the most artistic hands.  Also, you need to notice that this chandelier has an elegantly rustic look- thanks to its rust finish which greatly improves its overall look.

Where capiz shells come from

Well, surely, you have figured out several examples of chandeliers that are made of capiz shells. Obviously, you would be tempted to purchase one on the market, would you not? Well, it is to be expected since they are very beautiful and have a high artistic value. Almost anything is made of capiz shells. However, not everyone understands where they originate. Therefore, it would be better if you learn more about where these shells come from.

LNC 1 Mini Pendant Light Capiz Shell

LNC 1 Mini Pendant Light Capiz Shell by

Capiz shells came from bivalve mollusk and they have their own scientific name, which is Placuna placenta. They are also commonly known as windowpane oysters, hatchet-footed shells, or capiz shells. So, why are they more commonly known as capiz shells, by the way? The reason why they are called as such since they were originally harvested not far from a small town in the Philippines called Capiz. Although it is a small city, it holds significant economic importance since it has one of the most productive fisheries in the whole country.

Usage and danger caused

Well, as you have known, capiz shells can be used to make beautiful capiz shell chandelier. Not only are they beautiful but also prized highly due to their artistic look. Aside from that, they are also used to produce window panes, ornaments, kitchen utensils, jewelry, and even fashion accessories. Also, their meat is edible although they are now less popular as foods for humans as their meat is more commonly used to feed poultry and shrimps. In order to prevent any damage to their artistic shells, people dry and let the shells open naturally and then the meat is harvested.  

Light Bronze Capiz Shell Chandelier

Light Bronze Capiz Shell Chandelier by

Unfortunately, though, due to the fact that they are highly prized, more people are starting to collect capiz shells. Over time, their population is getting grimmer since they become less and less numerous annually. Things become worse due to the fact that most fishermen use destructive methods to gather more capiz shells. Therefore, purchasing a genuine capiz shell chandelier is actually a terrible idea to save the planet.

How to make a faux capiz shell chandelier

First, you need to prepare:

  • Two or three rolls of wax paper
  • 106 meters of parchment paper
  • Iron
  • 2.5 inches of circle punch
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Spray paint
  • Used lampshade
  • Sewing machine (optional)

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Pendant

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Pendant by

Now, let us figure out the steps that you need to do!

  1. Your old lampshade will have an old fabric wrapping it; you will need to remove the fabric and paint the lampshade using the spray paint (any color would work, but it would be better to use neutral ones).
  2. You will need to make a sandwich composed by the parchment and wax papers- put the parchment papers at the outer layers and the wax papers at the inner layer.
  3. Lay the paper sandwich on a flat surface and iron it so that you can make a piece of wax paper- but use the lowest temperature.
  4. Remove the parchment paper and cut the wax paper into 2.5 strips.
  5. Punch your circle punch by using four strips simultaneously.
  6. Sew the circles into strands by using the sewing machine or just hot glue instead.
  7. The strands will need to be glued to the lampshade and it will need to be hanged.

That was how you make your own chandelier. If you do the steps mentioned earlier perfectly, a beautiful chandelier will be yours. Well, have you decided to have a faux capiz shell chandelier?

Vintage Antique Capiz Shell Chandelier

Vintage Antique Capiz Shell Chandelier by

Triple Golden Moti Brass Pendant Light

Triple Golden Moti Brass Pendant Light by

Surfside Glow Capiz Shell Chandelier

Surfside Glow Capiz Shell Chandelier by

Motis With Claudo Pendant Furniture

Motis With Claudo Pendant Furniture by

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier by

Modern Capiz Shell Linear Chandelier

Modern Capiz Shell Linear Chandelier by

Capiz Shell Pendant Chandelier

Bronze Small Light Capiz Shell Pendant Chandelier
Capiz Shell Pendant Chandelier by

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